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High Reflectance

Maintaining High Reflectance


OxSiCoat is a totally transparent coating that can be applied in an extremely thin layer of less than one micron. The superb clarity of OxSiCoat means that there is absolutely no degradation of the polished aluminum surface, so there is no impairment to the reflective quality of the polished metal. This is of critical importance for applications such as solar reflectors, but also relevant for any decorative function where a highly polished surface is required.
The graph below demonstrates the reflectance of an aluminum sheet before the layer of OxSiCoat was applied (the yellow line) and after (the blue line). There was no measurable decrease in reflectance for all the wavelengths of light tested.


Solar reflectors


The qualities of reflectance, corrosion protection, heat and abrasion resistance make OxSiCoat the perfect outer skin for solar reflectors. The longevity of the coating and its ease of cleaning, mean that it can perform in the harshest of environments with the minimum of attention. OxSiCoat with its green credentials is truly an exciting development for sustainable solar power.