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OxSiCoat can bond with a number of different metal finishes including many pigmented finishes.


The clarity and thinness of the skin allows the natural beauty of the metal to be preserved exactly as it was at the time of bonding. A highly polished surface will retain that quality of appearance without any further intervention over the years. If a surface needs cleaning it can be wiped over with a cloth in the same way that glass is treated.


Aesthetic differences in the underlying metal do not compromise the bonding process in any way. The metal is preserved and protected to the same standard whether it is a highly polished gold -pigmented metal or a matt aluminum.


The ability to preserve a crafted finish with such superb clarity, combined with OxSiCoats abrasion resistance and other qualities open up new design possibilities for designers and engineers working with aluminum.


The longevity of OxSiCoat with its weather resistance and clarity of finish provide new architectural and sculptural possibilities for aluminum.