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OxSiCoat properties

OxSiCoat Technology Overview.


OxSiCoat is a glass skin that is chemically bonded to the surface of aluminium and other metals. The chemical bonds are so binding that corrosion of the metal surface cannot occur. OxSiCoat is a transparent layer that can be incredibly thinly applied (less than one micron) but still provide complete corrosion protection.

Its clarity means that there is absolutely no degradation of the polished aluminum surface that it is bonded to, so there is no impairment to the reflective quality of the polished metal. It will bond to a matt, polished or colored surface without any deminish to corrosion protection or deterioration of the metal’s appearance.

Even a very thin layer of the glass has a very high abrasion resistant quality.

It is also heat resistant and can endure temperatures of 700 degrees Celsius without degradation.

It is incredibly easy to maintain, it washes as glass does it doesn’t tarnish or require any polishing.  It is designed for application during the manufacturing process and once bonded to the metal the factory appearance is sealed. The third generation coating has been further refined and can now bond to a range of other metals.
OxSiCoat is a non-toxic environmentally friendly coating, free of any VOC’s and toxic metals.