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The corrosion resistance that OxSiCoat offers prevents rusting of the frame. The chemical bonding process penetrates every groove of the metal so there is no vulnerability around joints or end frame pieces, this is of particular importance on bike frames designed to fold.
The virtual weightlessness of the coating (less than one micron) enables superlight frames to be designed, which is beneficial to most bikes, but particularly for bikes designed for competitive racing where every added increment of weight counts.
OxSiCoats ability to bond with various pigmented finishes enables designers to create a range of frame designs. The clarity and transparence of OxSiCoat will seal a highly polished metal and preserve it in that state.

The abrasion resistance quality of the coating means that it can protect a frame from scratches. The outer surface of the coating is washed down exactly as glass is treated, it does not require any special polishing or cleaning products and it will maintain a pristine condition.