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Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting and street and garden furniture


Aluminum has been used to beautiful effect in street furniture, lighting and garden furniture. The issue with exterior usage is always the problem of corrosion and dulling. OxSiCoat provides a permanent bonded seal that eliminates the possibility of corrosion taking hold, making it suitable for all external use. It is also UV resistant which means that that it can withstand constant exposure to UV rays without any degradation of the coating or the underlying metal. Once bonded the metal is protected and can withstand weathering even in harsh environments (from a corrosion perspective). OxSiCoat has been exposed to extensive testing in the laboratory but also on an Atlantic beachfront for several years.
OxSiCoated aluminum has extremely high reflectance that is important for exterior lighting; light reflected from a highly polished aluminum surface enhances the luminosity of the light source. OxSiCoat is also extremely easy and cost effective to clean; it is a glass and is cleaned with a damp cloth as glass is, it can even be hosed down and left. OxSiCoat is also hydrophobic which means that water runs off it, residual water is a problem for a number of materials used for external furniture, it either saturates the material as is the case with wood as protective coats degrade, or rusts or causes paint to peel. None of these issues occur with OxSiCoated aluminum.
OxSiCoat is also heat resistant it is perfect for coating heaters or elements that reach high temperatures, for example Patio heaters