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OxSiCoat in marine industry


Corrosion protection is vital for any piece of metal designed for use within the marine environment. OxSiCoat is molecularly bonded to the surface of the metal eliminating the possibility of filiform corrosion (caused by minute gaps between the sealant and the metal). It has been extensively tested in the laboratory including relentless salt spray tests, but it has also been evaluated over several years in the harsh Atlantic coastal environment in ‘real world tests’. OxSiCoat has proved that its unique bonded protection can withstand even the harshest of conditions without degradation of the metal. OxSiCoat can also withstand degradation from UV exposure. It offers outstanding protection for aluminum used within the marine environment.

OxSiCoat is an important innovation in coating technology, it provides a solution to the problem of corrosion, this combined with its other properties make it ideal for application within marine engineering.