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Kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment


OxSiCoat is the perfect coating for aluminum cooking utensils.
It is heat resistant. It has been heated to temperatures in excess of 700 degrees Celsius to the point that the metal has melted behind the glass coating, but the coating has remained intact. In these experiments despite the application of a direct heat source the glass has not been scorched.
The glass coating is robust. It molecularly bonds to the metal and cannot be separated from it. It is a very tough outer skin that retains the easy cleaning properties of ‘heatproof glass’ without any fragility as it is grafted on to metal.
OxSiCoat will bond to a range of decorative finishes, such as gold pigment. It will bond to a matt or highly polished surface, once bonded the metal is preserved exactly as it is at the time of coating. It will not tarnish or dull, no amount of washing will impact upon the bond.