Camping and leisure equipment


The lightness of aluminum makes it a very useful metal for all manner of camping and leisure equipment. OxSiCoat is virtually weightless (less than one micron) and can therefore protect equipment from corrosion due to exposure to the elements without adding weight to the product.
Its corrosion protection is extraordinary. The coating is molecularly bonded so it creates a hermetic seal preventing filiform corrosion (caused by tiny pinhole size gaps between the metal and the surface). OxSiCoat is the perfect sealant for any equipment that is exposed to the elements, such as putting flagpoles on golf courses; rowing oars; tent poles.
The heat resistance properties of OxSiCoat also make it perfect for coating cooking utensils for camping and expedition use. OxSiCoat can withstand temperatures of 500 degrees Celsius (of directly applied heat) without degradation. As it is a heatproof glass coating it is also extremely easy to clean, which is an important factor when wild camping.