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OxSiCoat in automotive industry


OxSiCoat is used to coat aluminum trim on high- end luxury cars within the automotive industry. Its corrosion protection enables it to withstand the extremely harsh PH’s of car wash solutions. Oxsicoat can withstand a PH15 solution without degradation. Increasingly solution with a PH level as high as 14 have been found in car wash products which presents a significant corrosion risk for trim and wheel hubs.
OxSiCoat’s superb clarity of transparence enables highly polished trim to retain its appearance and seals it, protecting it from corrosion and dulling. The molecularly bonded glass is as easy to clean as any other glass surface, it does not require any polishing to maintain its shine.
OxSiCoat’s abrasion resistance also maintains the appearance of decorative trim, offering protection from scratches.